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Shapewear Measuring and Fitting Guideline for...
"Shape Up"
"Tummy Tuck"
"Posture Perfect"
"Pregnancy Support"
"Fashion Figure Control"

As a Shapewear Consultant, you have a wonderful range of support shapewear to offer your clients.  Jeunique International has the most outstanding Shapewear for women to provide wonderful support and enhance their beauty.

In order to maximize the benefits of these must provide a proper fit for your clients.  It is very important to follow the instructions  provided so that your client is fitted properly and can enjoy the proper support the garments offer.

Never guess at sizes...each woman's body is different!


How to Determine Size for the:
Fashion Figure Control, Tummy Tuck and Shape up


  • Measure the waist to obtain the waist measurement

  • Then take the tape measure and start at the waist, measure down 9 inchs on the thigh

  • Standing with legs together, measure around the fullest part of the hip and this will give you the hip measurement.


  • Once you have both the waist and hip measurements refer to your price list for FFC,
    Tummy Tuck or Shape Up Stock number. Determine where your size range fits and order the style number that corresponds to your measurements.


  • To put on your Shapewear turn it inside out and upside down

  • Then step into each leg taking hold of the waistband and pulling it up to the body

This is a very easy way to put on your Shapewear without alot of pulls and tugs. By stepping into it you can place the leg area where you want it then just proceed pulling it up on the body.

Special Note for the Tummy Tuck

  • Before putting it on press both ends of the velrco tabs together this will avoid the velcro snagging your hose. Once the Tummy Tuck Panty is on pull the velcro apart and pull each tab up to hook it onto the velcro area in the back of the panty at the waist. This will lift the abdomen and evenly distribute the weight.


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