FACT:  85% of Women
Wear the Wrong Bra...
Are You One of These Women?

Why Wear A Custom Fit Bra?
Without proper support, breasts move and stretch to the pull of gravity with every step.  Many bras tend to
constrict both blood circulation and the type of lymphatic drainage that may play a major part in breast disease. 
An improperly fitted bra can distort breast tissue-pushing breast tissue under the arm, flattening it over the
chest wall, and allowing the breasts to droop.  For optimum health, a woman should wear a custom fit bra.
Wearing a Custom Fit Bra...
  • Repositions the breast tissue and gives support to comfortably keep the bust line in its proper place.
  • Relieves shoulder strap strain by supporting the breast from beneath vs. from the shoulder.
  • Prevents pressure by eliminating flattened breast tissue.
  • Supports and elevates the breast so that the apex of the breast is midway between the shoulder and the elbow.
  • Re-establishes optimum breast circulation.
  • helps keep the post-lactation breast from drooping
  • Makes an excellent nursing, maternity or athletic bra.

Every woman from puberty throughout life should wear a properly fitted, custom fit bra, just as she would wear properly fitted shoes. 
Not only will she feel and look better, but she can enjoy better health through a very vital step in proper breast care.